Detox (Medication Withdrawal Management)

All-In Treatment Center is affiliated with Options Okanagan Treatment Center and we are happy to offer Medication Withdrawal Management in Salmon Arm and Kelowna Centers. 

Detoxification or Medication Withdrawal Management allows your loved one to detox from alcohol or substances in a safe environment. The length of time for a detox varies depending on length of time using the substance, physical health and other medical conditions. Duration of stays can be up to 10 days and as little as 1 night. Our Registered Nurse will be able to assess the individuals needs once they have arrived at our facility. 

Many people confuse detox with residential treatment. During the detox phase, individuals are generally too sick or chaotic to participate in counselling sessions and group therapy, which constitutes the basis for residential treatment. Options Okanagan is happy to provide both services to you and your loved.

Unfortunately, All-In Treatment Center is unable to take clients who have not been detoxed, though we offer programs at our Options Okanagan facilities. 

For more information on detox beds please contact us at
1-855-335-0331, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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